Free Mental Health Screening | Stress, Anxiety & Depression Screenings | Measurement-Based Care Scale


Free Mental Health Screening

Below you will find a link to our free mental health screening. This screening is entirely confidential and can be a useful tool. Please click the link below to learn more.


Free Mental Health Screening


Stress, Anxiety & Depression Evaluations

If you think you might be suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression but are not sure, you may want to try a self-evaluation. These evaluations are available as Acrobat .PDF documents.

Stress Evaluation

Anxiety Evaluation

Depression Evaluation


Measurement-Based Care Scale for Clients

Centerstone is now using Measurement Based Care as a tool to improve the care our clients receive. If you are currently receiving treatment at Centerstone, this form is for you.

What is Measurement Based Care? It is a way to measure how you are doing based on your answers to the questions on the form below. Your answers about your current symptoms will help you and your doctor improve your treatment. Please complete the QIDS-SR form (below) and remember to answer the questions as they relate to how you've felt in the past 7 days. Please complete the form the day of your appointment, and give it to your doctor that day.