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Reclaiming Lives | Comics

Reclaiming Lives

Reclaiming Lives is Centerstone’s award-winning news magazine that gives voice to people who have overcome great challenges in Tennessee. Each issue provides a place for our clients’ stories to inspire healing in others.

Prevention Comics

Centerstone’s prevention comic book series delivers “edutainment” and tackles issues facing youth in today’s digital landscape. Winner of a 2015 Davey Award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts along with a 2016 Communicator Award.

In this edition, we learn Spark’s origin story and how she battled her toughest nemesis to date – herself. Written by Ian Skotte and James Lyle, with artwork by James Lyle, Spark – Rising from the Ashes is the fifth in a series of prevention comic books from Centerstone.

The comic Spark and the Sext Message that Nearly Destroys Her introduces Amber, a high school student by day who becomes the superhero Spark by night. After Amber uses poor judgment in sending her boyfriend a topless photo, she has the image deleted, but not before it falls into the hands of Spark’s archrival, The Recluse. Knowing her dual identity, the villain hatches an evil plan to destroy Amber’s reputation and Spark’s unique powers.

The comic Spark and the Sobering Truth reintroduces our heroine, Spark, a high school student by day who becomes the superhero by night. After deciding to join friends at a party, Spark makes the decision to engage in underage drinking. This leads to letting her guard down and results in revealing her secret identity. Luckily for Spark, all is not what it seems.

The comic Smokescreen: No Time for Bullies introduces the character Smokescreen, a student attempting to master his skills at a school for superheroes. A fellow student, the Manipulator, and her henchman, Hippo, attempt to lure Smokescreen into retaliating against their bullying, which results in the hero being kicked out of school. Luckily for Smokescreen, he develops the ability to turn back time with the help of his superhero schooling. Unfortunately, in real life that can’t happen.

Spark: Caught in the Net introduces two female high school students – Kilobyte and Mirage – who meet in foster care. Each possesses unique high-tech powers, but their impressive skills don’t translate very well to online safety. When Mirage sneaks out of her home to meet up with a boy from the internet, his charm quickly fades in person, and the lies about who he really is lead to great danger. Fortunately, superhero Spark swoops in to save the day and teach an important lesson in decision making and the vulnerability of teens on the internet.