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About Centerstone’s Foundation

Centerstone provides a wide range of mental health and substance use treatment services in communities across the country. Our Foundation is just that – the foundation of the care we provide. Your donations directly impact those who come to us for help. Because of your generosity, we can focus on our mission: delivering care that changes people’s lives.

Why We Need Your Help

Our country is in a mental health crisis. 1 in 5 adults experiences mental illness each year and 1 in 6 youth experience a mental health disorder each year (ages 6 – 17). Left untreated, mental illness and substance misuse can have serious and negative ramifications for both the person affected and their families.

Get Involved

The best ways to support Centerstone and the people we serve are to or attend one of our signature fundraising events. Our events include:

  • Reclaiming Lives Luncheon
  • Reclaiming Lives Breakfast
  • Centerstone’s Annual Bocce Tournament
  • Life;Story 5k/10k (Florida)
  • Life;Story 5k (Illinois)
  • Stars, Stripes & Songs

Visit our events calendar for information about upcoming events in your community.

Ryan’s Story

Reclaiming Lives Luncheon

Christine’s Story

Centerstone’s Annual Bocce Tournament

Source: National Alliance on Mental Illness

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