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Inpatient Substance Use Treatment

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Addiction is a disease that impacts the body, mind, and spirit and requires a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. At Centerstone Behavioral Hospital & Addiction Center, we understand the unique needs of addiction to a variety of substances, including alcohol, benzodiazepines, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, opioids/prescription medication, stimulants, and tranquilizers. Our addiction treatment options include medical care (detox) with integrated mental health support and services that are available in a variety of settings.

Our friendly enrollment staff can help you find the best options for your road to recovery, no matter your age. Call (941) 782-4610 to get started today.

Addiction is a disease that impacts the body, mind, and spirit and requires a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. Centerstone addiction services combine medical care (detox) with integrated mental health support and services in a number of settings.

Our intake specialists will help you determine the recovery path that best fits your circumstances and encourages the most effective outcome. We provide treatment for addiction to a variety of substances, including alcohol, benzodiazepines, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, opioids/prescription painkillers, stimulants, and tranquilizers.

What is inpatient treatment for drugs or alcohol?

Centerstone’s inpatient treatment provides adults with the highest level of care for individuals diagnosed with alcohol or drug addiction. Typically, inpatient treatment consists of medical detox followed by residential mental health services.

Clients are admitted to the hospital unit of Centerstone’s Addiction Center so that they can be closely monitored during the detox process, which typically lasts between five and ten days, depending on the client and type of addiction. Your medical team will determine the most appropriate intervention as your body rids itself of the addictive chemicals and prepares to heal.

Who takes care of me?

Your care team is typically comprised of the following licensed specialists:

  • Psychiatrist and resident physicians
  • Nurses
  • Psychologists
  • Licensed addiction counselors
  • Clinical Care Coordinators/case managers
  • Continuing care treatment consultants

What will my days consist of during detox?

Days 1-2

  • Same day evaluation and admission; you meet your nurse.
  • You meet your physician and therapist within 24 hours of admission.
  • Your psychiatrist conducts a full psychological evaluation.
  • Check-in with your physician to make sure medications are working and you are having a comfortable detox.
  • Groups and activities are available, however, most clients choose extra rest and hydration.

Days 3-10

  • Daily group therapy is offered. Groups are held hourly, starting at 8:30 am through 6 pm with breaks for meals.
  • Check-ins with your physician, therapist, clinical staff, and case manager continue.
  • Telehealth visits with family are available.
  • During this time, most clients begin to connect with others. Supportive and therapeutic relationships begin to form. This helps lay the framework for long-term continued sobriety.

You can start to make decisions about your next treatment steps and programs with your case manager and/or treatment consultant.

What can I expect in residential/rehabilitation treatment?

As your body continues adjusting, you will begin therapeutic treatment that will help you stay sober. Centerstone offers a variety of therapy groups to aid in your recovery.

  • Recovery Support Groups: Open discussion, recovery-focused, supportive groups facilitated by a recovery coach.
  • AA/NA Meeting: In-house 12-step meetings provided by volunteers in the community. During the pandemic, these meetings are held via telehealth.
  • WRAP: Your Keys to Wellness and Relapse Prevention: Group is centered on developing a plan to prepare oneself for the good and not so good days of living with co-occurring illnesses. You will develop a personal recovery plan that enhances your recovery efforts.
  • Smoking Cessation: Education on nicotine withdrawal and nicotine replacement options is encouraged as you explore dealing with triggers and overcoming cravings, and work to develop tools for a successful quit plan.
  • Sober Recreation: Depending on your program parameters, a variety of activities including nature walks or beach days that promote interactive and enjoyable life experiences, addiction-free.
  • Open-Minded Thinking: Group focuses on how your thoughts and feelings relate to behaviors. Examining these connections can improve communication with others and decrease anger, sadness, and frustration.
  • Managing My Emotions: Emotions are a vital part of our everyday lives, and this group focuses on being able to alter your thoughts and reactions to help build your confidence in your own ability to cope with life and gain emotional fulfillment.
  • Family Roles: Group focuses on identifying who you are, how you relate to people, how people relate to you, and what influence these aspects have on your life. Provides tools for changing your life and improving your relationships.
  • Parenting Groups: Using an evidence-based curriculum, you can work on improving your parenting skills and your child’s behavior.
  • Grief and Loss: Losses happen at unexpected times and in unexpected ways, resulting in grief and sadness. The group focuses on how to maneuver through the grief process after both unexpected loss and planned separation.
  • Healing from Trauma: Group works on reducing stress, anxiety, and fear leading to a greater sense of security, safety, and overall satisfaction with your life.

We Accept Medicare

Centerstone Behavioral Hospital & Addiction Center offers treatment options that are affordable and accessible. We are IN-NETWORK with most major insurance providers, including Medicare and Tricare. Our finance team will work with your insurance and help offer you the best financial options to begin your treatment.

How do I get started?

Centerstone Behavioral Hospital & Addiction Center is available to you 24/7. Our treatment consultants are available to answer your questions, Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, at 941-782-4610. After-hours and on weekends, you can reach out to a member of our Access Center team at 941-782-4617 or present at the Centerstone Addiction Center, located at 2020 26th Avenue East in Bradenton for an evaluation.

We can help arrange transportation throughout the region and from Tampa Bay area airports and hospitals.

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