Intensive In-Home Treatment

What is Intensive In-Home Treatment?

Centerstone’s Intensive In-Home Treatment is an in-home intervention program for families of children and adolescents ages 3-18 with acute emotional problems. The program works to keep children and their families together by providing individual and family counseling in the home or community to help stabilize and decrease the youth’s disruptive behaviors. The treatment can enable the parents/caregivers to take back control of their home, regain their child’s respect and cooperation and keep the family together and in their own home.

Treatment includes individual and family therapy, interventions in the school or community, advocating for the child in the juvenile court system when appropriate and teaching of skills such as parenting, behavior modification, anger management, conflict resolution, decision-making and other social skills.

Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and aim to be convenient to the family’s schedule. Intensive In-Home Treatment specialists provide an average of three face-to-face services per week for each family. Individuals and their families are typically enrolled in treatment for 90 days.

Who Benefits from Intensive In-Home Treatment?

Centerstone’s Intensive In-Home Treatment program is for children and adolescents ages 3-18 and their families in Middle and East Tennessee who:

  • Have a primary mental health diagnosis, according to DSM-5
  • Can be expected to improve with appropriate therapy and treatment
  • Have an imminent, significant risk of out-of-home placement or are transitioning home from a previous placement
  • Have had little improvement in symptoms after receiving less intensive services
  • Have experienced an escalation of disruptive behaviors/symptoms in the last 30 days that places the child at risk for harm to self or others
  • Have at least one key family member willing to participate in treatment

What Does Treatment Provide?

Intensive In-Home Treatment is based on the guiding principles of Intensive Family Preservation (IFP). The development of IFP began in the 1970s
and 1980s for the purpose of providing a cost-efficient, effective and least restrictive treatment method of maintaining families at risk of placement safely together in the home.

Centerstone’s trained clinicians provide:

  • 24/7 availability for crisis intervention
  • Family-based treatment that meets each family’s unique set of needs
  • Therapy sessions in the home and community approximately 3 times per week at times that are convenient for the family
  • Anger management, communication, decision making and social skills training for the child
  • Guidance for parents/caregivers on managing suicide risk, physical aggression, runaway behavior and other symptoms
  • Collaboration with other resources and agencies during treatment such as medical or clinical providers, schools and juvenile court
  • Advanced evidence-based treatments for trauma such as TF-CBT, EMDR and ARC

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