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Your First Visit

If you haven’t already, contact us to make an appointment.
We’re happy to listen, discuss options and help you figure out if treatment is right for you.

Once an appointment is made, we ask that you arrive to your first appointment a few minutes early to fill out some paperwork. There are a few items and pieces of information you should bring with you to help with the paperwork.

First Visit Paperwork

  • your driver’s license or other government ID
  • your insurance card if you have one
  • a list of any medications you are taking, including dosages
  • the name and contact information for the clinic and/or therapist you saw if you have received therapy or other mental health services in the past
  • your personal contact information (address, phone number, social security number)

Our exam rooms may be different from your primary care doctor’s office. Instead of an exam table, you’ll see comfy chairs or couches.

We will ask why you have come to Centerstone, about any symptoms you have been experiencing (like mood swings, feeling sad, difficulty sleeping) and what your goals are for your treatment (such as “I want to feel good about getting out of bed everyday,” or “I want to quit drinking and rebuild my relationship with my daughter,”).

Because everyone is different, everyone will have a different treatment plan. You will be an active part of deciding your treatment goals and your treatment plan.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

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