While our clinics are based in Indiana and Tennessee, Centerstone offers several services that are available nationwide.

Crisis Management Strategies

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As the nation's largest provider of community-based behavioral healthcare, Centerstone is especially equipped to help your business develop and implement crisis response strategies and techniques. We do this through our Crisis Management Strategies (CMS) program, which provides Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) services. What is a "critical incident?" A critical incident is technically defined as "an event which has the potential to overwhelm one's usual coping mechanism, resulting in psychological distress and an impairment of normal adaptive functioning." Click here to learn more. >>>

Intervention Services

Intervention ServicesCenterstone’s Intervention Services help individuals in the throes of addiction face their destructive behaviors and recognize their impact on those around them. The Interventionist, along with the help of family and friends, confronts the individual and encourages them to accept the treatment they need for recovery. Centerstone Interventionists are caring, Masters-level professionals, skilled in the assessment and treatment of alcohol, substance abuse and other addiction disorders. Our interventionists have deep personal and professional experience with addiction, and are ready to take on the most difficult situations. Click here to learn more. >>>

Life Coaching at Centerstone

Life Coaching at CenterstoneEach day, life presents us with countless opportunities and challenges. Whether you are facing a transition, pursuing balance or seeking inspiration, Life Coaching at Centerstone can help you gain valuable insights for living with more purpose and direction.
 Within the context of a safe, positive, non-judgmental environment, Life Coaching at Centerstone provides a process and framework for individuals to identify goals and move deliberately toward them.
 We have a team of masters-level, professionally licensed clinicians with additional training in the area of life coaching and offer a range of specialized services for teens and adults.

Life Coaching at Centerstone is available anywhere by phone, text, on-line chat or Skype. Or you can meet with a life coach in our Nashville, Tenn. office. Click here to visit the Life Coaching at Centerstone website. >>>

Solutions EAP

Solutions EAPSolutions EAP connects employees with short-term mental health services. Whether you're the owner of a business or an individual employee looking for help with a personal problem, Solutions EAP has something for you. Through Solutions, we offer benefits consultation, employee assistance programs, employer behavioral health plans and human resource training. Click here to visit the Solutions EAP website. >>>

Centerstone Military Services

Centerstone Military ServicesCenterstone Military Services offers programs and services to American service members, veterans and their families. We work to ensure that all service members and their loved ones have the resources and support they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives beyond military service. Programs for service members, veterans and their families are provided through a variety of initiatives including face-to-face counseling, couples and family counseling, therapeutic retreats, housing assistance, employment counseling, physical health and wellness services, support groups, online resources, and 24/7 crisis services. Click here to learn more >>>