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Our Priorities

To better address the mental health and substance use disorder needs of our country, we need to break down regulatory barriers to evidence-based, patient-centered care. To do this, Centerstone is advocating for policy solutions to address the following areas:

Addressing behavioral health workforce challenges

More Americans are seeking behavioral health services than at any previous time in history. To ensure the field is able to deliver timely care to those in need, we’re working to make critical changes to both recruiting and retaining clinical staff – including a focus on increasing rates for behavioral health services that have been historically underfunded, and taking steps to address workforce burnout.

Advancing the best science of care

The current fee-for-service environment in behavioral health care can create barriers toward ensuring staff are trained in measurement-based care and the best evidence-based interventions science has to offer, That’s why Centerstone is working to break down barriers to high quality, evidence-based care at all levels by advocating for models of care that reimburse for quality not quantity.

Investing in our nation’s 988 crisis continuum

The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline launched in July 2022 and is the nation’s first ever 3-digit dialing code for mental health emergencies. The launch of 988 is an opportunity to reimagine and build a robust 24/7 mental health crisis system that is available nationwide. That’s why Centerstone is advocating for the 988 crisis continuum at the state and federal level. This includes advocating for 988 call centers, mobile crisis teams, and crisis stabilization -and ensuring they are fully resourced and that all payer types reimburse for these services.

Harnessing technology to improve access

Telehealth, digital apps, and interoperable electronic health records (EHR) all play a critical role in coordinated, patient-centered care. Unfortunately, there are numerous barriers to effectively adopting tech-enabled care across the behavioral health system. That’s why we’re advocating to break down barriers – whether that be for telehealth or digital apps – to ensure that patients have more access to individualized care when they need it most.

Want to support our National Policy work? Contact your representatives to voice your support for policy solutions that address mental health and substance use disorder needs or donate to Centerstone.

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