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Working for Centerstone

Here at Centerstone, we consider our employees family. Centerstone strives to give its staff a warm and welcoming work environment where they can learn, grow and connect with others. Here are just a few reasons why our employees love working for us:

“I love having the opportunity to help others… Centerstone gives me that opportunity every day!”

Berta, Administrative Assistant


“I love working for Centerstone because it really supports and wraps its arms around people who are on their journey to wellness and recovery. Every client is treated with dignity and respect, and the environment is comforting. The staff are open-minded and care for clients like they are family.”

Shawny, Vice President of Business Development


“The work is rewarding knowing that we are helping someone in our community get the help he or she needs. From the CEO to the service staff, everyone at Centerstone Florida is outstanding and easy to work with.”

Betty, Dietary Manager


“Centerstone has been my career home since 2009 and I am grateful that I chose such a wonderful organization to utilize my skills and help the children and youth in our community. Centerstone has given me opportunities for professional advancement and clinical experience that are priceless. I feel very lucky to work for an agency that values not only the work that I do, but values me as a person.”

Anna, Team Leader


“I love working with children and helping them succeed and work toward their goals. Centerstone provides a perfect opportunity to do this.”

Justin, Family Support Specialist


“I love working at Centerstone, because this is the first company I have ever worked for that understands family is important. Not only are the people I work with everyday like family, but Centerstone allows me to be able to put my family first. I love the fact that Centerstone is flexible and I’m able to be with my family when I’m needed. That means so much to so many people and is very important in daily life situations.”

Kim, Office Manager

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