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Centerstone’s services for business and industry are specifically designed to support employees and management in attaining maximum personal and organizational performance potential. Centerstone offers customized Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), an employer-sponsored benefit that provides confidential assessment, short-term counseling, referral and follow-up services for employees and their immediate family members. We also offer Crisis Management Strategies to help businesses prepare for and thrive after traumatic events.

Crisis Management Strategies 

In addition to our services and programs for individuals and families, Centerstone also helps businesses develop and implement crisis response strategies and techniques through Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) services. Whether the need arises as the result of an on-the-job accident, natural disaster or external threat, Centerstone’s Crisis Management Strategies (CMS) program makes good sense — it’s good for your business and good for your employees. Our Crisis Management Strategies staff believes minimizing the consequences maximizes the recovery. 

What is a Critical Incident? 

A critical incident is an event which has the potential to overwhelm one’s usual coping mechanisms, resulting in psychological distress and an impairment of normal adaptive functioning.  

Accident | Assault | Explosion | External Threat | Fire | Aviation Incidents/Accidents 
Hostage Situation | Injury | Robbery | Stalking of Employees 
Sudden Death | Sudden Illness | Threats of Violence | Natural Disaster 
Services Tailored to Meet Your Business Needs 
New Hire Training | Specialty Training Classes | Environmental Assessment and Training 
 Ongoing Stress Inoculation | Employee and Workplace Readiness Evaluations 
 Crisis Communication Planning | Post-Incident Care 

Our Services 

Our experience, as well as research, has shown that employees who receive CISM services recover more quickly from traumatic events. In order to help your company to maintain its stability following a critical incident, Crisis Management Services will provide you with a customized and comprehensive portfolio of services designed to reduce the risk of trauma to your employees and improve your company’s response to crisis management. Our services are customized to meet the needs of executives, management, employees and customers. 

Our CMS Team has more than 35 years of experience in responding to and developing procedures before, during and after the effects of traumatic events. Our program combines classroom education with hands-on training to better prepare your company in the event of a crisis. We will also stand behind you with an on-call 24/7 service to deal with your company’s needs in a confidential, caring and effective manner. 

Employee Assistance Program

Solutions EAP specializes in providing Employee Assistance Programs and related training and educational services to area businesses. Counseling services provide professional and confidential help to individuals and their families. Addressing personal and everyday problems is another area of expertise.

Services Tailored to Meet Your Business Needs 

Our Employee Assistance Program helps reduce interruptions in an employee’s life enabling them to return to their highest level of functioning both at home and at work. Centerstone behavioral health professionals have training and skills to identify and address employee and employer concerns. In addition to reducing health care costs, customers (employers) of our EAP services learn to deal more effectively with day-to-day employee-related performance issues. 

Our services are accessible, confidential and professionally delivered. We offer 24/7/365 services through a toll-free emergency hotline for convenience, comfort and reassurance any hour of the day. 

It has been proven that helping employees resolve personal and work issues is far less costly than firing, rehiring and retraining. Whether your business is concerned with banking, manufacturing, health or transportation, Centerstone can tailor an EAP to meet your needs. 

What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? 

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an employee benefit – a professional counseling service for employees and eligible dependents who experience personal or workplace problems. The EAP provides confidential short-term counseling, assessment and referral to employees and/or dependent(s) in need. 

Types of Problems Commonly Addressed by an EAP: 
Emotional | Family | Financial | Legal | Substance Abuse | Conflict Resolution 
Anger Management | Relationship Issues – Work/Professional 

Areas of Expertise 

Solutions EAP provides professional and confidential help to individuals and their families, addressing personal and everyday problems. Our counseling and educational services include: 

Individual Counseling | Marriage and Family | Child/Teen Issues | Divorce Separation | Substance Abuse 
Hypnotherapy | Addictions |  Grief Counseling | Anxiety and Depression 
Adjustment Disorders |  Child and Adolescent ADD/ADHD |  Communication and Interpersonal Problems 
Parenting and Step-Parenting Education and Training |  Domestic Violence | Abuse (Physical and Sexual) 

Specialty Trainings 
Workplace Stress | Substance Abuse | Addictions | Healthy Living/Lifestyle Change 
Drug-Free Workplace Program |  Workplace Violence |  Recognizing and Dealing with Difficult Employees 
Critical Incident Stress Management

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