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Family Problems

Whether you are facing a family member with a mental health or addiction disorder, a disruptive child or communication issues with your spouse, Centerstone offers a wide variety of services that can help you and your family live happily and healthily together. 

Trouble Communicating

If you and your spouse have hit a rocky spot, Centerstone offers marital counseling through our outpatient services to help your family. We can provide you with strategies to help you communicate with your spouse, de-escalate arguments and work together to build a happier home. 

Children with Behavioral or Addiction Issues

Our services for children and adolscents work not only with the child to help treat their disorder, but also with the family so that they can be the best support network for the child. Our services will help you learn how to help your child or teen deal with their issues in a healthy way, as well as providing the parents with needed skills to deal with the rigors of parenting a child with a behvioral health disorder. These services are often provided on an outpatient basis.

When a child or adolescent has more serious emotional and behavioral problems, it may be difficult for the family to keep them safely in their own home. The child may even need to be hospitalized or treated at a residential facility, particularly if they are not responding to less intensive treatment, such as case management or outpatient therapy. We offer intensive in-home treatment for families facing these issues. These services help to stabilize and decrease the youth’s disruptive behaviors while keeping them in the home. This enables the parents to take back control of their home and regain their child’s respect and cooperation. 

Parents or Spouses with Behavioral or Addiction Issues

When a parent or caregiver’s mental health disorder or addiction weakens the family, Centerstone can help. Outpatient services can help the individual overcome their addiction and/or treat their behavioral issues. In many cases, it is helpful for the family to be involved in treatment to rebuild trust, learn to communicate and find the best ways to support and love one another. When a parent or spouse faces a severe issue, our intensive treatement model has proven to be effective in helping families thrive and remain together safely.

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