Ashley Newton – Chief Operating Officer, Centerstone’s Research Institute and Vice President, Center for Clinical Excellence

Expertise in:
  • Research-Based Care Models
  • Clinical Models, Processes and Pathways
  • Integration of Research and Technology in Clinical Operations


Ashley Newton, is Vice President of Center for Clinical Excellence of the Centerstone Research Institute. Ashley served as interim director of CCE before her role as Vice President, leading CCE through a period of transformation and unprecedented growth of both staff and projects.

In her current role, Newton is charged with leading clinical projects that will advance Centerstone’s Noble Purpose — delivering care that changes people’s lives. She leads all the clinical transformation efforts including identification, development, implementation and evolution activities in three separate areas: clinical models, processes and pathways.

Newton joined Centerstone in 2006 and has previously held both clinical and leadership roles. Prior to joining CCE, she developed and implemented a community-based therapy model intended to provide care to rural areas where clinics did not exist. She also developed and implemented a high-fidelity community-based model serving young adults with substance use disorders.

Newton holds a BA in psychology and an MA in professional studies and strategic leadership from Middle Tennessee State University. she is a certified ACRA-ACC clinical supervisor and a Project Management Professional (PMP), the highest certification for project management.