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Centerstone Indiana Leadership

Suzanne Koesel, Chief Executive Officer, Centerstone of Indiana
Suzanne Koesel, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer
Shirley Arney, MBA, Chief Operating Officer for Clinic, Medical and Support Services
Shirley Arney, MBA
Chief Administrative Officer
Robb Backmeyer, MSW, MBA, Chief Operating Officer for Recovery Services
Robb Backmeyer, MSW, MBA
Chief Operating Officer

Kelly Higgins, MSW, MBA, LCSW, Director of Adult Services

Thelma Chandler, Director of Indiana Military Services

Kathy Christoff, LCSW Director of Adult Services

Linda Grove-Paul, Vice President of Adult Services

Jenny Harrison, Vice President Crisis, Access and Engagement 

Rona Krueger, MSW, Vice President for Quality Improvement 

Scott Lewellen, Director of Marketing and Public Relations 

Darcey Meridith, Vice President of Child Services

Maria Nehrt, Director of Facilities

Amanda Pardue, Director of Child Services

Steven Reynolds, Director of Finance

Beth Rodriguez, Director of Advancement

Michelle Sears, Director of Support Services

Greg Sidell, MD, Associate Medical Director

Bob Siegmann, Senior Vice President of Integration Collaboration

Meagan Terlep, LMHC, Director of Child and Family Services

Vinita Watts, MD, Medical Director

Board of Directors

Brad Smith, Chair
Terrye Davidson, Vice-Chair
Jeni Embree, Immediate Past Chair
Kristi Rowell, Secretary
Dave Emmert, Esq.
Sharon Harlin
Linda Hobbs
Franklin Jackson
Mamie McDonald
Robert Neth
Gil Palmer
Jeffrey D. Pflug
Steve Taylor
Linda Trader
Cheryl D. Zell
Suzanne Koesel, CEO
Nicholas Spagnolo, Board Liaison