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Bellewood & Brooklawn

Youth live in family-style cottages on our two Louisville campuses – Bellewood and Brooklawn – are supervised by trained youth care workers, shift supervisors and cottage managers. Youth learn basic and advanced social skills that help build self-esteem, communication, self-awareness and healthy relationships. Our staff support youth by holding daily family meetings, setting expectations, and pro-actively teaching skills needed to become successful in the community.

The Bellewood campus offers only the Private Child Care (PCC) program. The Brooklawn campus is a combination of PCC and the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) program cottages.

Our youth attend Jefferson County Public Schools located on site at our Bellewood and Brooklawn campuses. Our schools are accredited and have been listed among the top 10 Best Practice Sites in Kentucky multiple times. Our staff have won numerous awards, including Best Teacher of the Year and Middle School Associate Principal of the Year.

Children from each campus are grouped by grade level to attend classes at one of our two schools. This allows us to provide age-appropriate classes, focused instruction and expanded courses including science, physical education, speech and writing workshops.

Elementary students study at our Bellewood School, while middle and high school students study at Brooklawn School. Horticulture education is provided at the Bellewood School and classes may be held in the state-of-the-art Bellewood Garden outdoor classroom. Brooklawn School offers horticulture and automotive vocational programs.

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