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Centerstone and Mozzaz Launch the ZERO Suicide Client Engagement Platform

Mozzaz Corporation and Centerstone have partnered to deliver Centerstone’s suicide prevention program through the Mozzaz digital health platform to help crisis support teams provide enhanced follow-up services and continuity-of-care for at-risk suicide patients. This solution is designed to help patients stay engaged while receiving follow-up services and counseling support through mobile technology that includes scheduled interventions, self-help resources, and telehealth sessions. Care teams can monitor a patient’s self-reported moods, suicide ideation, sleep and medication adherence with automated alerts and warnings of triggering events.

“With over 60 years of experience in behavioral health, we’ve built a suicide prevention program that has helped increase positive outcomes and save people’s lives,” said Jennifer Armstrong, Vice President, Customer Engagement Operations, Centerstone. “Follow-up and support within the first 30 days after a suicide attempt is critical to the recovery of an individual. Through mobile technology, we can immediately provide on-going connected-care as we support patients in treatment.”

Centerstone, a nonprofit organization, is a national leader in community-based behavioral health care, offering a full range of mental health services, substance abuse treatment and intellectual and developmental disabilities services.

“We’re very excited about this partnership and the ability to take Centerstone’s best practices and protocols and enhancing it through digital technology,” said Rini Gahir, Chief Business Development Officer, Mozzaz. “This program has the potential to save thousands of more lives through reach and scale delivered by technology. Coupling this technology with the training Centerstone will be offering ensures we are creating a quality program that can be replicated across the country.”

The ZERO Suicide Client Engagement Platform is immediately available to any provider or agency interested in delivery a technology-enabled suicide prevention services. Interested parties may email Mozzaz for more information.

Mozzaz provides a versatile digital health platform that facilitates the delivery of personalized interventions and unified messaging to support cross-functional care across a wide spectrum of needs including behavioral health, intellectual and developmental disabilities, foster care services and substance abuse programs. For more information, please visit their website.

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