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Centerstone employs new technology for patient monitoring

First in Florida to integrate latest in patient safety tools

Centerstone has started using new and highly-effective patient safety technology for patients in its care on the Brandon campus.

The nonprofit is the first healthcare organization in Florida to integrate ObservSMART, a proximity-based monitoring system, into its patient care process. The technology promises reliable compliance and reduces risk, errors and costs related to sentinel and non-sentinel events.

“This technology is vastly enhancing the way we observe and monitor patients in our care,” said Melissa Larkin-Skinner, regional chief executive officer, Centerstone. “Our staff is able to manage more efficiently the required round-the-clock 15-minute checks that are standard care for behavioral health patients.  In turn, supervisory staff can validate that patients are being observed and clinicians can provide real-time feedback and care instructions.”

ObservSMART was designed by and for behavioral health staff. Staff use mini iPads synched with tamper-resistant wristbands to do patient checks, which cannot be done unless the staff member is within the prescribed distance of the patient. The system ensures 1-to-1 observation adherence and provides real-time alerts, including patient risk and acuity flags, to supervisory staff should there be a safety concern or missed observation.

“ObservSmart is proud to work alongside Centerstone to improve patient safety, staff communication, and accountability. We share a common commitment to make patient safety the highest priority,” said Christopher Dunn, SVP Business Development, InvisAlert Solutions Inc.

Larkin-Skinner also points to the reporting and analytics advantages of the technology. “Going forward, accessing reports for audits, assessing the efficacy of treatments, measuring sleep patterns, and even the scanning of patient reports into a database, will be streamlined,” she said. “While this tool advances clinical patient care, it also supports business, risk and quality initiatives for Centerstone.”

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