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Coping With Grief on Mother’s Day

Celebrated each May, Mother’s Day brings to mind happy images of mothers and children, gifts, and flowers. However, for some of us, Mother’s Day can trigger different types of emotions. For those who have lost a maternal figure, the holiday can be a time of sadness and grief which can lead to denial anger, and even depression. No matter how you experience it, remember that grief looks different for everyone and it’s important to take care of ourselves during this season.

Megan Williams, Director of Suicide Prevention at Centerstone, advises that those grieving their mom practice self-care during this time. “Listen to your body,” Williams says. “Go for a walk or take yourself out for coffee, and give yourself grace.” Doing these small things for yourself can help you feel better during a difficult period of grief.

Often, maternal figures hold a special place in our lives. They raise us, provide unconditional support, and help mold us into who we are, so many of us feel obligated to honor our mothers, even if she is no longer here. The absence of your mother can be incredibly difficult to navigate, especially around holidays like Mother’s Day. However, there are ways to honor and celebrate your mom while also holding a space to grieve her loss:

  • Talk about her. Just because she isn’t physically there doesn’t mean her memory can’t live on. Exchange stories and memories with friends and family, look at old pictures and participate in activities that she enjoyed.
  • Donate to an organization in her honor. If she enjoyed gardening, consider donating to a local nursery. If she lost a battle with a terminal illness, considering making an annual donation to fund research. Making a donation in her honor not only helps to keep her memory alive, but also helps others in need. And remember, a donation of any amount can have an incredible impact, so don’t feel like you must give a large amount.
  • Start a new tradition with your own children, family, or friends. One of the best ways to honor someone’s memory is to keep traditions alive. If you and your mom enjoyed Saturday morning walks to the local bakery, consider doing the same with your own kids or other people in your life. Traditions help us connect to those who have gone before us and can be helpful in coping with their loss.

If you or someone you know is experiencing grief during Mother’s Day, or any time of year, Centerstone can help. Call us at 877-HOPE123 (877-467-3123) or visit our counseling services page.

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