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Our Review Philosophy

Centerstone’s Review Philosophy

At Centerstone, we invite our patients to give us feedback after their visits. As we expect, not all the feedback is positive, but all of it is helpful as we grow to improve the experience we deliver to our patients and their families. We share all feedback with our leadership and operations teams — and we take every comment of them to heart. So often, patients share stories of triumph in their own journeys and gratitude to our Centerstone family. The reviews we share are a selection of recent comments received that highlight the successes of care.

In the spirit of transparency, we encourage anyone interested in knowing more about Centerstone to check us out on a third-party website like Google or Facebook. Comments left on these third-party websites are not edited or curated – we do our best, wherever possible to hear the concerns raised by our communities through these forums and spare no effort trying to resolve them.

More About our Survey

Ratings and comments displayed on Centerstone.org from an optional survey offered to patients at the completion of their visit. We use a HIPAA/PHI complaint third-party patient experience vendor collect and analyze how we are doing. We will not publish comments that jeopardize patient privacy, contain offensive or vulgar language or present a legal risk.

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