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Direct Support Provider (DSP) Careers

What is a Direct Support Provider?

A Direct Support Provider (DSP) serves as an in-house caregiver to clients with intellectual or developmental disabilities. DSPs help these individuals work on goals they set for themselves to achieve more independence in their lives. These roles are a great fit for individuals who are looking for a way to start their career in the mental health field or a job that has a direct and positive impact on people’s lives.

There are two main types of DSPs

  • DSPs who provide care in the client’s own home
  • Residential services: DSPs who work in group homes that provide 24/7 care to clients

Why should I consider this job?

If you long to make a positive, lasting difference in people’s lives, this job is right for you. In this role, you will work for some of the happiest and kindest people you will ever meet. Every day you will be rewarded by seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter. You will be a living part of the success stories we see from our clients.

Becoming a DSP also brings you into a new family with these clients and your coworkers. While you are providing care to those you serve, you will also be provided for and cared for. You will learn more about yourself and others throughout your time working as a DSP and develop lifelong friendships.

Where is the job located?

We have openings in Franklin and Williamson counties, Illinois: Benton, West Frankfort, Herrin and Marion.

What requirements/experience do I need?

Previous experience providing direct care for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities is not required. To be considered for this role, you need only a high school diploma or GED and a heart to work with the people in this population.

Thorough staff training will also be provided to anyone who enters into this role. Training includes:

  • Working through a state-mandated curriculum
  • CPR First Aid training
  • Medication training and authorization
  • Support from senior staff and coworkers
  • Continued on-the-job training and education

What does the day-to-day look like?

This work involves caring for your clients in whatever ways they need, but the way this looks can vary. In general, DSPs help clients complete normal daily tasks.

Assisted daily tasks may include:

  • Facilitating engaging group and individual activities for clients
  • Cooking meals for clients
  • Helping clients eat meals
  • Distributing medication to clients
  • Going on outings in the community with clients (currently affected by COVID)
  • Grocery shopping with clients
  • Supporting employed clients in their work environments
  • Helping clients with personal hygiene, including baths and oral hygiene
  • Helping clients get dressed
  • Getting clients into and out of bed

COVID Safety is Important to us

Like everything else, DSPs’ roles have adjusted to our current COVID world. Community outings with clients have been limited to outdoor activities where distance can be maintained, and fewer clients go to work daily. DSPs have also implemented new safety precautions within homes.

New safety precautions include:

  • When in close contact with clients, staff wear masks
  • When rotating shifts with staff, outgoing staff will take incoming staff’s temperatures
  • Staff use hand sanitizer and disinfect surfaces frequently
  • Staff try to maintain social distancing whenever possible
  • Clients are not required to wear masks in homes


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