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Temporary foster care provides safe, supportive & culturally-sensitive homes before children are reunited with their families or transition to adult living.

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What is Therapeutic Foster Care?

Children come into foster care when it is no longer safe for them to stay in their own homes due to neglect, abuse, or other circumstances. Foster care is a temporary solution that provides a safe, stable home before a child reunites with their birth family, is adopted, or as they prepare for transition to adult living. Centerstone’s Therapeutic Foster Care program comes along side foster families to provide training, guidance, and continued support before, during, and after a child is placed in their home. It’s a place where children can live with families who can provide the extra care and support they need.

Why should I foster a child?

There are more than 415,000 children in the foster care system nationwide. As a foster parent, you can provide a safe home for these children. Foster care is a temporary, stepping-stone solution to help a child find a permanent home – by reuniting with their birth families or by being prepared for transition to adult living.

Who can foster?

Whether you are single, married, an empty-nester, LGBTQ, already have children at home or don’t, you can change a child’s life by welcoming them into your home.

What are the benefits of fostering a child through Centerstone?

Parenting children and teens who have a history of emotional and mental disorders can seem overwhelming, but our staff will help your family to restore a safe and healthy home environment. We will work with your family to create a treatment plan designed to treat your child’s behavior and remove barriers to recovery that your child is facing.
Our foster homes are safe places where children can examine the causes for their struggles and deal with them in a structured way.
We provide support to the youth that are in our program as well as to the families that care for them. Support is available in the form of case managers and in-home therapists who are available to support children and foster parents 24/7. All our foster parents receive extensive training and we provide continuing education for our families.

Where does Centerstone offer Therapeutic Foster Care services?

We offer Therapeutic Foster Care services in Indiana and Tennessee.

How can I start fostering?

You can start the process of fostering a child by filling out an interest form on Centerstone’s Foster Care website. Want more information to help you determine if fostering is right for you? Hear stories from real foster parents or read Foster Care FAQs.

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