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Addiction is different than using drugs or alcohol now and again. It is a chronic brain disease that makes someone need to take drugs or alcohol to get by.  The line between social use and problematic use can be unclear,  but the surest sign of addiction is when someone seeks out drugs or alcohol as a need, even when using is harmful to them and those around them.

What should I do if I need help?

Contact Centerstone to talk with a therapist about addiction and how we can help.

Symptoms of addiction to alcohol

  • Drinking alone
  • Blacking out while drinking
  • When drinking with others, drinking much more quickly than those around them or than you would alone
  • Carrying alcohol, even to places where it is inappropriate or illegal
  • Denying or rationalizing obvious problems caused by their behavior (not showing up to events, abusive outbursts, inappropriate behavior)
  • Legal problems (DUIs, accidents, etc.)

Symptoms of addiction to drugs

  • Using drugs to escape from stress or problems
  • Using drugs in order to enjoy activities that were once pleasurable
  • Inability to stop using the drug
  • Legal problems (arrests, violence, accidents)
  • Emotional problems (anger, depression, anxiety)
  • Being repeatedly asked to quit by friends and family

How can addiction be treated?

Treatment is different for each person and based on his or her needs. Addiction is a chronic disorder, which means people who have it may struggle with it many times through their lives. Treatment methods used at Centerstone include detox, inpatient treatment, medication, individual and group therapy and recovery coaching. Our staff is experienced in working with people with addiction, and we can help you along the road to recovery.

If you need help dealing with addiction, contact us today.

We know that there isn’t one solution that works for everyone, so our treatment options include you in the decision-making process.

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