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Adolescent Health Program

Program Overview

The Adolescent Health Program is a five-lesson curriculum that is a part of Health and Wellness education for rural Tennessee students in the 9th or 10th grade. The overall goal is to partner with parents and caregivers of teens to help prepare them for adulthood in the areas of adolescent health and healthy life skills.

As a participant of the Adolescent Health Program, your student will learn the following skills:

  • How to plan ahead to avoid risky situations
  • Budgeting and financial decision-making
  • Effective communication and social skills
  • Mental health (including body image and self-esteem)
  • Social media safety
  • How to develop and utilize a support network

Parents Participation in the Adolescent Health Program

Research shows that the most powerful protective asset a student can have is a parent/adult that they can trust and talk to. Below are some ways that you can follow up with your student on what they are learning during the Adolescent Health Program.

  • Follow along with the Daily Outlines (below). Talk to your student about the topics they learned that day and conversation starters.
  • Participate in the Home Activities. You can find those HERE.
  • Check out our Talking Tips and follow up resources at Centerstone Teen.

Daily Outlines

Adolescent Health Curriculum
Daily Outline 1

Students are introduced to the Adolescent Health curriculum.


Adolescent Health Curriculum
Daily Outline 2

Students learn about the three types of communication.


Adolescent Health Curriculum
Daily Outline 3

Students learn about how self-esteem impacts mental health.


Adolescent Health Curriculum
Daily Outline 4

Students learn about social media safety.


Adolescent Health Curriculum
Daily Outline 5

Students learn about support systems and identifying trusted adults.


Other Helpful Resources

Download Helpful Resources Document

More Information

You can reach out to your student’s Adolescent Health facilitator listed on the Program Consent form or email us at Prevention@centerstone.org

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