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Centerstone provides answers to a lot of common questions that teens and parents might have – about mental health, drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, social media, bullying and much more.

Keep scrolling for more information and additional resources on teens and tough topics.

Drugs and alcohol

Some people use drugs and alcohol to fit in. Other people use drugs and alcohol to try to deal with problems they feel they can’t deal with.

Being under the influence of drugs and alcohol lowers your ability to make good decisions. Drugs and alcohol can also be habit-forming. This tricks your body and mind into thinking drugs and alcohol are needed to function. This can harm your body, your mind and your reputation.

You deserve to be healthy and to have peace of mind knowing that you’re in charge of your own decisions.

Make sure you know the dangers of using drugs and alcohol and how they can affect your body and mind.


Most ways we talk to each other come through the internet. While the internet is a great tool for talking to friends and family, it’s easy to use the internet in harmful ways.

Keeping a healthy self-image can be hard. It’s common to compare yourself to others, both in person and on the internet. But this can lead you to feeling like you’re not good enough, or that you have to look or act in a certain way that can be unsafe.

It’s also easy to use the internet and social media in a way that can damage your reputation or get you in legal trouble, like sexting.

Make sure you know how to avoid using the internet in ways that can be harmful.

Sex and relationships

Sex and relationships can be complicated, and they can impact both your mind and your body. Make sure you know about the risks of sex so you’re ready to make good decisions for yourself and others.


Sometimes it can seem like you’re fighting your own brain to feel good. While it’s normal to feel sad or less than perfect, it’s not good to feel that way a lot of the time.

The good news is that there is always a way to make yourself feel better. Talk to your family, your teachers, or talk to a professional counselor or therapist to get started on feeling good again.

Violence and bullying

You’ve likely seen bullying in your life, either in person or online. It can look normal from the outside, but bullying can feel terrible for the victims and can often be dangerous.

Bullying comes in many different forms, and it’s not always easy to spot. Make sure you know what you can do about bullying and how you can help others if they are victims of bullying.

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