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At Centerstone Military Services (formerly Courage Beyond), we believe that we owe our service members and their loved ones more than just a debt of gratitude for the sacrifices that they have made. We know service members often return home with invisible wounds and that many veterans will not get the treatment that they need to thrive. Centerstone Military Services is working to change the treatment that service members receive by providing mental health care specially tailored to our military population.

Since 2002, over 100,000 current and former military service members have been diagnosed with PTSD. Estimates show that 75 percent of those who suffer combat trauma do not receive adequate treatment. A veteran is 12 times more likely to die by their own hand after leaving the military than by being killed in action by an enemy combatant during active duty.

We offer services to active-duty military, veterans and their loved ones. Confidential services include face-to face counseling, couples and family counseling, therapeutic retreats, housing assistance, employment counseling, homelessness prevention and other online resources (forums and workshops).

Our providers are trained to work with the military and many of us are former service members ourselves. We know that the decision to seek treatment is a personal one, and we hold our clients’ privacy in the utmost regard. For more information on crisis and counseling, please call 866-781-8010.

Select grant-based services are also offered in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF), offered in Tennessee and Kentucky, provides assistance to veterans and their families who are at-risk for homelessness. SSVF prevents homelessness by helping qualified veterans and their families gain access to the resources they need to transition to or maintain permanent housing. Funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, SSVF is available at no cost to eligible candidates in 40 counties and two states. In addition to these services, we link those in need with other resources for housing, transportation, legal aid and income support. For more details, visit You may reach the Middle Tennessee office at 615-460-4385 or the Kentucky office at 270-282-0121.

The Indiana Veterans Behavioral Health Network (IVBHN) was formed in May 2009 through a grant awarded to Affiliated Service Providers of Indiana, Inc. (ASPIN). It brings key partners together to improve access to services and behavioral health and well-being among veterans and their families living in rural Indiana communities. Centerstone is one of the providers in this network, delivering behavioral health services to veterans and their families in Southern Indiana. You may access more information at