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Centerstone receives grant from Ameren Illinois

Centerstone, a national leader in behavioral health care, received a $5,000 grant from Ameren Illinois recently to help provide services to those in need.

Several programs at Centerstone benefitted from the grant, including Early Head Start.

“The generous donation helped us host a special event for our Early Head Start families and also deliver a new board book to every child enrolled in our program,” said Sally Mondino, Centerstone Early Connections Manager.

The grant also benefitted Centerstone’s Connections program, which helps individuals experiencing homelessness by providing a variety of services. With the grant, Connections purchased cell phones for individuals in the program to help keep them active in treatment, as well as sleeping bags and bicycle locks.

“We are extremely grateful for this partnership we have with Ameren Illinois,” said Erin Camfield, Centerstone Director of Advancement. “Ameren Illinois not only provides a commitment to help non-profits in their communities, but they truly have passion about the services each non-profit provides and care for the clients we serve.”

Another program that benefited was Centerstone’s Intensive Placement Stabilization program. The grant allowed for the purchase of suitcases for youth in the program, which offers in-home counseling, placement stabilization and wraparound services to foster families and children.

“Ameren Illinois’ support helps to further our mission to provide suitcases to all children and youth in foster care, who often have to resort to putting their belongings in a garbage bag. Your support is invaluable to those we serve,” said Edrica McDowell, Centerstone Community Services Manager.

The grant funds were made through the Ameren Cares program which is one way Ameren Illinois assists communities within its service territory through charitable giving and volunteering.

“The key focus of the Ameren Cares program is to partner with organizations like these to empower the communities it serves,” said Jason Klein, Regional Director of Electric Operations, Ameren Illinois. “Each one of these organizations makes a huge impact on residents in Southern Illinois. We are proud to support their missions.”

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