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Employee Coaching

Employment coach working one-on-one with employee

Achieve Vocational Goals with Centerstone

Centerstone provides support to help you overcome employment barriers and achieve vocational goals. Our employment coaches work with you one-on-one to help you:

  • determine your strengths and weaknesses
  • address your special needs and situation
  • meet your education and employment goals

Employment Support Services we offer include:

  • up-front and on-going assessment of current skills
  • job readiness assessment
  • job seeking skills building
  • applications
  • resumes
  • interviewing skills
  • life skills training to address barriers to employment due to ongoing health issues
  • job development
  • job coaching – either on or off the job site
  • education on benefits information which explains the impact employment earnings may have on any Social Security or public assistance benefits currently being received.
  • job keeping skills and long-term follow along support

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