Emergency Services for Children

Emergency Services for Children can be accessed by calling (502) 589-8070. Acute Child Psychiatric Services provides 24-hour assessment, intervention and referral for children, adolescents and families who are experiencing psychiatric emergencies. Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) is an intensive, short-term inpatient program for children who do not need hospitalization, but require intervention beyond outpatient treatment.

Emergency Services for Adults

Emergency Services for Adults provides 24-hour evaluation and intervention for adults who are at risk of harming themselves or someone else.  Call (502) 589-4313 to access crisis services.

Crisis Prevention and Response Program

Crisis Prevention and Response Program offers person-centered, short-term response for individuals who have intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD) and are experiencing a behavioral or psychiatric crisis. Individuals receive immediate and intensive supports to ensure they are able to remain in their homes and communities.

Comprehensive Community Support Services

Comprehensive Community Support Services include counseling, crisis intervention, assessments, monitoring, psychosocial education, individual, group and targeted case management.

Centerstone Access Center

The Centerstone Access Center provides assessment and screening services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for both voluntary and involuntary clients. This service works like an emergency room for psychiatric and addictions disorders. The goal of the program is to provide individuals and/ or their family members with timely assessments, crisis intervention and

Customer Care Call Center

The Customer Care and Crisis Call Center assists individuals in locating and obtaining needed behavioral health services by selecting resources most appropriate for their needs. All initial appointments are set through the Customer Care staff. Additionally, the team serves as a resource for the public through provision of information regarding behavioral health services. The Customer

Walk-In Clinics

Centerstone Outpatient clinics provide walk-in, evaluation, and crisis services during normal business hours to assist individuals and families experiencing a mental health crisis.

Mobile Crisis (24/7/365)

When a face-to-face interaction is warranted, Centerstone offers help to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis through our Mobile Crisis services. Our staff works with the individual to successfully resolve the crisis in a safe and comfortable manner.

Walk-In Crisis

Centerstone outpatient clinics and partnership locations provide walk-in crisis services during normal business hours to assist individuals and families experiencing a mental health crisis.