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Workforce Investment

  • Addiction costs U.S. employers $81 billion each year due to turnover, lost productivity, and unfilled positions.
  • As a multistate behavioral health provider, Centerstone has heard loud and clear from the business community that a tight U.S. labor market coupled with increasing rates of addiction is hindering many companies in their ability to attract and retain a strong workforce.
  • We realize employers urgently need an answer to this crisis.
  • That’s why we’ve launched the Workforce Investment Program, a consulting and treatment plan designed to help employers focus on what they do best while we support their workfo

Take our free employer assessment to find out how we can help you and your team. We will follow-up to discuss the results.

If you’re an employer who’s having a difficult time attracting and retaining workforce because of addiction, we’re ready to help you. Let us focus on what you do best—being an industry leader—while we support your workforce.

Our Workforce Investment Program for employers includes:

  • Tailored treatment plans for employees who fail drug screens
  • Educational training materials for Human Resources about addiction
  • Consultations with your team on establishing new drug testing protocols and program implementation
  • On-going technical support to ensure optimal program implementation
  • Quarterly outcomes reports so you can see the impact of the program within your workforce

For more information, download our Workforce Investment Program brochure or email us at Workforceinvestment@centerstone.org.

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