Centerstone Research At 2018 American Evaluation Conference

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In early November, 13 Centerstone Research Institute staff attended the 2018 American Evaluation Association (AEA) Conference in Cleveland, OH.

Over 3,000 AEA members attended the conference in person; 1,106 attended virtually from across the globe. The conference theme was based upon a very old phrase with significant relevance for today’s professional evaluator, speaking truth to power. Evaluators were encouraged to speak truth to power in the course of their daily practice.

Centerstone’s Research and Evaluation staff attended pre-conference workshops that expanded, enriched and strengthened their evaluative thinking skills, knowledge and expertise. Examples of workshops attended include “Advanced Applications of Systems Thinking to Evaluation Practice,” “Facilitation and Evaluation,” “Two Sides to the Same Measurement Coin,” and “Developing Quality Survey Questions.”

Centerstone’s Research Institute contributed to the conference through involvement in Topical Interest Groups (TIG) which are the heart and soul of this professional organization. Groups create a forum whereby the knowledge, experience and skills of each member can become a resource that the entire community can leverage (e.g., Behavioral Health TIG, Feminist Issues in Evaluation TIG, Human Services Evaluation TIG, Mixed Methods Evaluation TIG and Quantitative Evaluation TIG).

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