Teen Talk To Us



Alcohol and Drugs: Some people use alcohol and drugs to fit in; others to cope with problems they feel they can’t deal with. Being under the influence lowers your inhibitions and you could find yourself in situations you’d avoid if you were sober. You deserve to have a healthy body, a reputation that’s exactly what you want it to be, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re in charge of your decisions. 

MEDIA: Most forms of communications for teens comes in the form of the internet. There are those who use this incredible tool to do terrible things. Maintaining a healthy self-image can be difficult. The combination of changing bodies, media images and other factors can lead teens to think their bodies are insufficient. There’s also the risk of dangers as the result of new technologies and teen’s usage of those technologies i.e. sexting.

SEX & RELATIONSHIPS: To make informed decisions when it comes to sexual health requires facts and resources about your physical and emotional health.

STRUGGLING: Sometimes it seems like you are fighting your own brain to feel good. While it’s normal to feel sad or less than perfect occasionally, feeling that way all the time—or even a lot of the time—isn’t. Taking care of yourself is important because you are important.

VIOLENCE & BULLYINGYou’ve likely witnessed bullying in your life. This is often looked at as a normal part of growing up, but bullying can have devastating effects on the victims. Bullying comes in a variety of forms and is not always so easy to spot.

HELPFUL RESOURCES: More information on Centerstone Teen is available here including Frequently Asked Questions, the latest edition of our prevention comic book, videos, lessons for educators and more.