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Reads Between the Lines: Virtual Book Club

“The pen is mighty than the sword.”
-Edward Buler-Lytton

Words have a power few things do. They can make us feel, picture and almost relive moments in time. They can evoke action, divide, unite and provide hope. This power is what one recently formed group at the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Centerstone hopes to explore.

New to the clinic’s virtual community room, avid reader and fellow writer, Taurin Vincent mentioned his passion for the written word and dreamed of sharing it with others. His wish became a reality this past month in the form of the clinic’s first Virtual Book Club.

“I have been thinking about starting a book club for a while,” Vincent said. “One of my main goals was to create a social space that I could express myself in a comfortable setting and exchange ideas with other like-minded people.”

Vincent admits, his plan for the group had a selfish side too.  He simply wanted to read more books and knew if he had others waiting to share their thoughts about the same pages he’d be more accountable and eager to do so.

“I am a lover of words so it will always come down to that for me,” Vincent said

Yet, his goals for the group don’t end there. He also wants to truly appreciate the skill of the authors, the thoughts their work ignite and the feelings they inspire especially in today’s social climate.

“I wanted to showcase some of the well-regarded Black authors and poets of our time. And as a group, let the members discuss how the work made them feel, what they appreciate about the words and the social implications of what we are reading,” Vincent said. “Through literature, I hope to create a dialogue that will provoke thought and create some stimulating conversations.”

Vincent wants everyone to have a chance to inject a little of themselves into to each meeting and collectively set the club’s tone while along the way hopefully creating some long lasting connections that will benefit each member of the group in ways they can appreciate.

For more information on the Virtual Book Club, please email Meghan Williams, Outreach Director, at Meghan.williams@centerstone.org.

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