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What is marijuana?

Marijuana is a drug that comes from a cannabis plant. Other terms for marijuana include:

  • weed
  • pot
  • dope
  • hash

What should I do if I need help?

Contact us to learn more about the dangers of drugs and how we can help. If you feel like you need immediate help, call the Centerstone Crisis Line nearest you.


How does marijuana affect me?

Marijuana is a “psychoactive” drug which means it impacts the way your brain functions while using it. This results in:

  • slowed perception
  • difficulty with problem-solving
  • lack of coordination
  • disrupted learning and memory
  • impaired judgment and decision-making
  • increased sleepiness
  • increased paranoia
  • increased appetite


Is marijuana a gateway drug?

The term “gateway drug” refers to the idea that using one drug might lead people to use other, more dangerous drugs.

Researchers do not agree on whether marijuana is a gateway drug.


Isn’t marijuana legal in some places?

Yes, marijuana is legal for adults to use in some places in the United States. However, just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s healthy to use. Alcohol is a drug that is also legal to use but comes with plenty of dangers if used too much.


What is medical marijuana?

“Medical marijuana” refers to marijuana being used to treat an illness or medical condition. And, while medical marijuana is legal in some places in the United States, smoking marijuana has not been approved as a treatment for any medical condition. Instead, the chemicals that makeup marijuana are used carefully by doctors to treat certain medical issues.

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