Everything you wanted to know about bullying but were afraid to ask



What is bullying?

Bullying is when someone makes another person feel bad. Bullies can hurt or threaten other people through actions and words.



What should I do if someone is bullying me?

Tell someone so they can help you. That someone can be any adult that you trust – parents, teachers, police officers, doctors, therapists.

Contact us to learn more about how to overcome bullying in your life. If you feel like you need immediate help, call the Centerstone Crisis Line nearest you.


What should I do if someone is bullying someone else?

Take action. If you see bullying happening, it’s your responsibility to stop it. Tell someone so they can help you – parents, teachers, police officers, doctors, therapists.

Never confront a bully by yourself. If you see someone being picked on, get an adult—maybe even a police officer—involved.

  •       refuse to join in
  •        speak up – let bullies know what they are doing is not funny
  •        if possible, get a responsible adult to come immediately
  •        go to the person being picked on and help them leave the situation
  •        help the victim find an adult to talk to

What is a bully?

A bully is someone who:

  • hurts other people to get their way
  • feels good about making other people feel badly
  • wants to control other people by making them feel badly


What kinds of bullying are there?

  • physical bullying – this means hurting someone’s body and includes things like:
    • hitting and punching
    • kicking and tripping
    • pushing
  • emotional bullying – this means hurting someone’s feelings and includes things like:
    • name-calling
    • teasing
    • laughing at someone
    • making fun of someone
    • threatening
    • ignoring and lying
  • cyberbullying – this means hurting someone using your computer or phone and includes things like:
    • social media
    • videos
    • texting
    • pictures

Why do people bully?

  • because bullies don’t know how else to control themselves or express themselves
  • because bullies think that bullying is the only or best option
  • because bullies don’t like people that are different than themselves
    • this might be because bullies are scared of different kinds of people
    • this might be because bullies don’t understand different kinds of people
  • because bullies want something that they can’t have without bullying, things like:
    • other people’s stuff
    • attention
    • sexual contact
    • power
    • respect from other bullies
  • because they are or were bullied by other bullies


What impact do bullies have?

People who bully and people who are bullied are at more likely to use drugs and alcohol, have problems in school or at work, and become involved with violence later in life. Bullies and victims of bullying are also more likely to suffer from issues with mental health later in life.

Being a teenager is hard. That’s why we have answers to a lot of common questions that teens might have – about mental health, drugs and alcohol, sex and relationships, social media and internet safety, bullying and more on our TEEN PAGE.

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