Centerstone to Rename Halfway House to Recovery Transitional Housing

Centerstone, a national leader in behavioral health care, will rename its Marion, Illinois Halfway House to Recovery Transitional Housing effective April 1, 2022.

The new name reflects services provided at the facility, including the planned expansion of services to include recovery homes for woman and children later this year.

For more than forty years, Centerstone has offered halfway house services to Bureau of Prison parolees at the facility. The contract with the Federal Bureau of Prisons ends March 31. Centerstone will continue to offer services to clients from the Illinois Department of Corrections, Veteran’s Administration and residential substance use treatment facilities.

Centerstone’s Recovery Transitional Housing currently offers extended care services for men and women experiencing substance use disorders.

 “Extended care services are available to those exiting residential treatment so they may transition into this program and get the support they need to successfully re-enter the community,” Andrea Quigley, clinical director at Centerstone said.

Extended care services include support services, care management, substance use disorder counseling, peer support, and linkage to additional supports, all in a residential facility that is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Extended care services play an essential role in recovery for many individuals,” Quigley said. “Often those who are in recovery from substance use disorders need time and space to put into practice the tools they’ve learned in residential treatment or withdrawal management programs. Extended care services help them develop confidence and self-esteem while slowly getting back into their lives and staying on the road to recovery.”

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