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The Physical and Mental Effects of Tobacco

Health & Wellness
May 31 is World No Tobacco Day, a time to spread awareness about the tobacco epidemic its contribution to ...

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How Alcohol Affects the Body and Mind

Health & Wellness
When taking a look at substance use disorders, including alcohol use disorders, it is important to know the facts. ...

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How stress affects you physically

Mental Health
Health & Wellness
We know what goes on in our minds when we feel stressed. For some, stressful situations are met with ...

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A New Approach to Chronic Pain and Anxiety

Press Release
Opioid addiction continues to grow nationwide and kills three people in Tennessee each day. At a Centerstone clinic in ...

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Back-to-School Checklist for Parents

Family Matters
Health & Wellness
Backpack? Check. Lunchbox? Check. Pencils and paper? Check. Back-to-School time is here with the usual book and supply checklists ...

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Four Steps to Improved Mental Health

Mental Health
Health & Wellness
One in five Americans has a treatable mental illness, and we all experience stress. The American Academy of Family ...

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Toxic Relationships

Physical Health
Health & Wellness
You can tell if a relationship is toxic when spending time with someone drags you down, belittles you, or ...

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Six Self-Care Strategies for Women

Physical Health
Health & Wellness
Self-care is the process of nurturing yourself. But in a fast-paced and often chaotic society, many women tend to ...

Physical Health tips and life hacks

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