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School-based therapists offer counseling services for kids in preschool through high school to address behavioral problems interfering with school success.

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Centerstone provides school-based therapy at more than 750 public schools, including preschools, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. School-based therapy is designed to help children and teens overcome emotional, behavioral and social problems that impact their success in school and at home.

What is school-based therapy?

School-based therapy is a program that provides onsite counselors at school to help children and teens cope with any behavioral or mental health concerns. School-based counseling can include:

  • Parent and teacher consultations
  • Risk assessments as needed (for suicidal or homicidal risk factors)
  • Collaboration with other community providers and resources

Who is a candidate for school-based therapy?

Your child or teenager may be a candidate for school-based therapy if they exhibit signs of:

Priority for counseling is given to students who are:

  • In special education classes
  • In moderate to severe behavioral intervention classes
  • At the risk of entering these classes

The benefits of school-based counseling

There are numerous benefits of school-based counseling. Our therapists are part of your child’s school team, so they can meet with your child in a familiar setting that minimizes disruption to their school day.

Additionally, there’s no need to drive to another location for an appointment, which makes school-based therapy convenient for both students and parents.

Centerstone’s school-based therapists

All of Centerstone’s school-based therapists are master’s level credentialed to provide services based on their degree in social work, psychology or counseling. Therapists work with you and your child’s teachers and school administrators to create individualized treatment plans and behavioral interventions for your child.

Interested in school-based counseling?

If you are interested in school-based counseling, call your child’s school and ask to speak with a Centerstone school-based therapist.

Additionally, teachers, principals, guidance counselors and medical providers may refer students for therapy services.

If you’re a teacher, guidance counselor or school administrator interested in learning more about Centerstone’s school-based therapy program, contact us.

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