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Community Foundation Supports Centerstone Child and Family Services

Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County. Centerstone in Madison, Indiana recently received five Mobile Play Therapy Kits and a customized Therapeutic Resource Library for its Child and Family Services Department.

Play therapy is an evidence-based treatment for children and youth. For the past few years, Centerstone has been working diligently to expand the availability of play therapy supplies and equipment across our Indiana footprint. Many of the youth we serve have a history of trauma; play therapy helps these children feel safe, be heard and understood, learn coping skills, and rebuild trusting relationships in an approachable, fun, and effective way. When it feels overwhelming to talk about their histories and emotions, children can use toys, games, and art to express themselves and ask for help. Staff report watching numerous children come out of their shells and make amazing strides in recovery when presented with the right therapeutic play opportunities.

The Community Foundation grant also awarded Madison staff funding to build a library of therapeutic books and games for all ages. The library contains hundreds of items for preschoolers, children, teens, and adults addressing a wide range of mental health topics and life events. From helping children understand death and grief to teaching teens about anxiety and depression to providing evidence-based treatment protocols, the Therapeutic Resource Library will help clients and staff become better prepared to deal with the challenges they face.

Support from local partners like the Community Foundation of Madison and Jefferson County is essential to helping Centerstone meet the unique needs of each community we serve. These connections help ensure that behavioral healthcare reaches everyone who needs it. Together, we are changing lives and building stronger communities.

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