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Three Centerstone ‘Heroes’ Awarded by Mental Health America of Indiana

Mental Health America of Indiana (MHAI) is an organization dedicated to working “for the mental health of all citizens and for victory over mental illness and addictive disorders through public education, advocacy and public health reform.”

As part of MHAI’s work, they annually recognize members of the community through their Heroes for Recovery Awards. Nominees include “those who are extraordinarily committed to improving the lives of persons with mental illnesses and addiction.”

This year, three members of the Adult and Family services team at Centerstone Indiana were nominated — and all three won! Linda Grove-Paul, VP of Adult Services, won in the Leadership in Mental Health category; Jennifer Fillmore, Director of Grants Special Services, also won in the Leadership in Mental Health category; and Sarah Barham, Lead Centerstone Recovery Coach, won in the Consumer Advocate category.

In his nomination of Linda Grove-Paul, Administrative Director of Adult Services Greg May wrote, “Linda works tirelessly as the VP of Adult and Family services to ensure quality service delivery for a 20 county area. As a hero for recovery, Linda works to get to know each and every community and the needs of those communities. Once the needs have been determined, Linda works to ensure that high quality behavioral health care services are delivered.”

Jennifer also nominated Linda and wrote in her nomination, “Linda’s innovation in implementing the Recovery Engagement Center in Bloomington, Bedford and Richmond has been life changing for so many people seeking recovery. She led the community in creating an environment of care that provided support and encouragement to anyone seeking a better way of life. Hand in hand with the Recovery Engagement Centers came the concept of Recovery Coaching. Recovery Coaching in Indiana was spearheaded by her vision long before it was implemented state wide. She truly understands the importance of personal guidance in the recovery journey in a way that others still do not grasp. Recovery Coaching made the practical implementation of recovery principles a reality for many clients and brought serenity and peace to individuals and families statewide.”

“I can think of no person in the state of Indiana that is more deserving of recognition for her tireless leadership, advocacy, and innovation,” wrote Linda Grove-Paul in her nomination of Jennifer Fillmore. “Over the years, Jennifer has shown a level of dedication and determination to ensure that the consumers who have mental health and substance use disorders get best practice services regardless of where they are — prison, jail, community — who they are or how challenging their situation is. Providing low barrier, comprehensive community based services is what Jennifer has devoted her career to.”

“Sarah works with vulnerable individuals that are often homeless, hungry, have no social support, cannot afford their medication, lost their insurance coverage, they are off medication, and many are using drugs and alcohol on a daily basis,” wrote Jennifer Fillmore in her nomination of Sarah Barham. “To say Sarah is a superhero is an understatement. She is nothing short of amazing.”



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