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Creating a Future of Excellence with the Research Institute

With one in five adults in America experiencing a mental illness, the impact on the family is widespread. At Centerstone, our purpose is to deliver care that changes people’s lives. One of our corporate goals as set forth by David Guth, CEO of Centerstone, is Value-Added Care — providing evidence-based, effective services that help our clients get well quickly (value = outcomes / cost).

While we often talk about Value-Added Care in terms of how we do business, in our clinics it really means providing care that gets clients on the road to wellness and recovery quickly — not only providing the best care for our clients but also the right care.

Strengthening our reputation as an industry leader in value-added care positions our Research Institute as the “tip of the spear.” The Research Institute seeks out the best practices so that we can implement them in our clinics, allowing the rest of the organization to set the pace for the behavioral health industry as a whole.

The main job of the Research Institute is to ensure the highest level of …

  • client engagement
  • service delivery
  • client outcomes
  • customer and staff satisfaction 

Dr. Rick Shelton, CEO of Centerstone Research Institute, has set his sights on combining the strengths of our teams — Center for Clinical Excellence, Research and Evaluation, and Clinical Informatics — and clearly establishing Centerstone Research Institute’s role within Centerstone.

Together, the Research Institute develops clinical innovations based upon the very best science that promises to produce better outcomes and increase value to Centerstone’s clients and payers. We will work to establish new partnerships and create tools and strategies to advance the adoption of evidence-based practices that enhance behavioral health care nationwide.

The current science-to-service gap is 17 years. When Centerstone develops evidence-based, value-added models more quickly, our clinicians are able to provide better care sooner, resulting in healthier, happier clients. Our success will be measured in good client outcomes, not in billable hours.

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