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Centerstone partners with Blue Ridge Pharmacy to manage three on-site pharmacies

Centerstone has announced a partnership with Blue Ridge Pharmacy to manage three on-site pharmacies in Centerstone clinics in Tennessee. Blue Ridge Pharmacy is a specialized pharmacy services company located in Asheville, N.C., with operations in four states.

“Offering pharmacy services in our continuum of care is part of Centerstone’s commitment to delivering care that changes people’s lives,” said Dr. Bob Vero, Centerstone Regional CEO. “We’re excited about our partnership with Blue Ridge Pharmacy and working together to coordinate care and maximize positive healthcare outcomes.”

As part of the pharmacy services platform, Blue Ridge Pharmacy will manage patient interactions by streamlining handoffs between the clinic and the on-site pharmacy to improve the patient’s overall health outcomes and experience throughout the process.

“Centerstone is our flagship partner in Tennessee and we are excited to support their vision. We are dedicated to proactively educating patients and clinical staff about the benefits of an on-site pharmacy,” said Randy Beaman, Vice President of Business Development, Blue Ridge Pharmacy. “Recent national studies have shown approximately 30% of prescriptions are never filled once a patient leaves the prescriber’s office, and 50% of medications are not taken as prescribed. It is our mission to keep both the clinic and pharmacy working together to help drive medication adherence which we know will significantly benefit our patients’ health outcomes.”

Blue Ridge Pharmacy will begin management of the three Centerstone clinic pharmacies in Tennessee beginning April 2020.

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