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Centerstone to host series of no-cost educational events featuring former Cincinnati Bengals player Gaelin Elmore

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Centerstone, a nonprofit health system specializing in mental health and substance use disorder services, is hosting a three-part series of no-cost educational events featuring advocate, speaker and former NFL player Gaelin Elmore.

Hosted by Centerstone’s children and family services division, this three-part virtual series will focus on the adversity faced by many of today’s children. Elmore, who spent more than 10 years in the foster care system, draws on his experiences and successes in navigating challenging life circumstances to help influence participants and help them navigate some of these common barriers.

Each of the three virtual events are free and participants can register at https://centerstone.org/events/. This training is sponsored by the Centerstone Trauma Treatment and Training (CT3) program.

  • Life on the Other Side (For children and teens age 10 and up)Tuesday, May 11 from 6-7:30 p.m. CDT: Elmore will use his life experiences to relate with youth in attendance while tearing down limiting beliefs they have about themselves, their capabilities and their futures. Elmore will share insightful stories and experiences that participants can relate to and see themselves in, creating a connection that will lead to inspiration and encouragement in the face of adversity.
  • Revising Adversity (For adult counselors, teachers, social workers and other professionals who work with children)Tuesday, May 18 from 6-7:30 p.m. CDT: This presentation will highlight the intersection of adversity and trauma and will focus on Gaelin’s two-pronged approach that is grounded in the concepts of inspiration and application. Elmore will discuss specific beliefs and practices that can help participants change their outlook on adversity in their work, as well as the adversity in the lives of youth they serve.
  • Battle to Belong (For children, adults, families and professionals who work with youth)Tuesday, May 25 from 6-7:30 p.m. CDT: Diversity and inclusion have become buzz words that often stop there. The battle to belong focuses on simplifying these concepts to the basic human necessity of belonging. Elmore will share from his expertise having to navigate different cultures and racial contexts while focusing on the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to lead to growth and change.

About Gaelin Elmore

Gaelin Elmore is a leading keynote speaker, adversity revisionist, thought leader and facilitator in the child welfare space. As a University of Minnesota graduate, Gaelin uses his degree to inspire and educate from the stage. However, what really makes Gaelin unique in the child welfare space is his lived experience. He spent more than 10 of his first 13 years of life in foster care and bouncing from home to home. During his stay in foster care, Gaelin was abused and neglected.

He used this experience with adversity to shape his outlook on life then, and he uses it to shape other’s outlook on adversity now. Gaelin works full-time in the nonprofit space, previously serving youth with adverse backgrounds in the Twin Cities. Now, Gaelin works with a nonprofit that focuses on the education and advocacy of local communities and the foster care system. When not speaking or inspiring change, Gaelin enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Micaela, and 1 year old daughter, Laniah.

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