Quigley, Dellamano and Klaas Named Directors at Centerstone

Recently, Andrea Quigley was named Clinical Director, Emily Dellamano was named Director of Quality Improvement and Megan Klaas was named Director of Operations for Centerstone in Illinois.
Quigley will oversee the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) clinic implementation and grant, and oversee customer care services and outpatient counseling services for Carbondale, Marion and West Frankfort outpatient offices, and the Bureau of Federal Prisons Halfway House.

“Andrea is an insightful leader who has years of experience and has proven to be dedicated to delivering care that changes people’s lives,” said John Markley, regional chief executive officer of Centerstone. “We are fortunate to have the benefit of Andrea’s experience and expertise.”

Dellamano will serve as the key Quality staff member in Illinois.

“I am very honored to be named Director of Quality Improvement,” Dellamano said. “I truly enjoy my work in analyzing performance and designing, testing and monitoring interventions that bridge the gap between what is and what should be.”

As operations director, Klaas, a Wood River resident, will oversee the grievance and Office of Inspector General (OIG) processes, statewide credentialing, health and safety functions, and the credentialing and operations support staff. Klaas will also support and guide the operation team’s budgeting processes, as well as organizing and monitoring the submission of state required reporting.

“Megan’s experience in overseeing credentialing for large hospital systems combined with her operations expertise in critical care staffing for large hospitals in St. Louis will provide a great context for her role in guiding the Illinois operations team in its day-to-day activities,” said Anne Tyree, chief operating officer for Centerstone.