Statement from Dr. Rick Shelton on SUPPORT Act

We applaud both the House of Representatives and the Senate for drafting and passing the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, designed to curb a growing national opioid crisis, which claimed more than 70,000 American lives last year. As a front-lines provider of evidence-based behavioral health services, we at Centerstone see the vast opportunities this bill affords in increasing access to lifesaving care and improving the quality of addiction treatment. This comprehensive legislation will expand access to evidence-based addictions services through additional 21st Century Cures funding, will lead to the development of clinical excellence standards for addiction treatment through new grants to establish first-of-its-kind Comprehensive Opioid Recovery Centers, and will make available resources to help individuals in recovery transition back into the workforce.  We now look forward to the President signing the SUPPORT Act so that we can continue our on-the-ground work of expanding access to evidence-based, lifesaving care.” – Dr. Richard C. Shelton, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Executive Officer, Centerstone Research Institute