Watch David Guth’s Testimony on Opioid Crisis Before Congressional Committee

David Guth recently testified before the House Subcommittee on Health’s “Combating the Opioid Crisis: Improving the Ability of Medicare and Medicaid to Provide Care For Patients,” a series of hearings to uncover solutions to growing opioid abuse across the U.S. David participated in one of the final sessions of the hearings: a panel of five behavioral health leaders discussing the nation’s ability to use its current resources to treat and care for those with opioid use disorder.

You can watch David’s testimony below or you can read his testimony here. For a complete list of expert witnesses, documents covered, and a recording of the entire hearing, click here.

David also participated in answering questions from the Congressional committee. You can see his answer to whether he would support greater enforcement of mental health parity here:

You can see David’s answer as to what barriers there are for opioid treatment in rural areas, the issues that the people in need of that treatment face because of lack of access to treatment, and how we can address those issues here:

You can see David’s answer as to the need for a dependable and consistent commitment to providing care for those facing opioid addiction here:

David speaks as to whether he agrees that the bill up for discussion, which offers a partial repeal of IMD, is a helpful step to ensuring that Medicaid beneficiaries receive that they need here:

David speaks to as to whether he agrees that medical CPT (current procedural terminology) codes should be expanded to include care for opioid addictions; whether he agrees that Congress should be using OUD (opioid use disorder) tapering strategies here:

David also speaks as to how different areas and different people need personalized types of care here: