How to Stress Less (Not More!)

If you’re ready to get rid of your gloomy mood and pessimism, this article is for you! It’s time to let go of misery and reduce your stress. Here are five ways to stress less, not more:

Don’t track your faults
Keeping a full inventory of all your faults keeps your stress level high. Don’t recall all past slip ups, sins, mistakes and failures. Stop concentrating only on your bad points! Avoid friends and relatives who remind you of your weaknesses. Instead, focus on your strengths to reduce stress.

Get as much sleep as possible
Lack of sleep is a great stress-producer. Some may think sleeping “wastes” valuable time (and drink coffee and caffeine-packed beverages to stay alert). But this behavior only increases stress. Rest isn’t for wimps! By getting more sleep, you’ll reduce your stress.

View the glass as half full
A negative outlook increases stress. So, it’s time to let your sad mood and pessimism go! Positive thinking aids living a life with less stress, and leads to lower rates of depression. Positive thinking also leads to reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease and better coping skills during hardships and times of crisis. View the glass “half full,” and enjoy a reduction in stress!

It’s important to let people know how you feel or what you need. Your friends and family members cannot read your mind and anticipate your needs. Communicating openly may seem like too much trouble, but it’s an important step to maintaining healthy relationships and reducing personal stress.

Don’t live in the past
To let go of stress, look forward, not back. Living in the past can be quite comfortable, but it can also be very stressful. Let go of all the things you should have done, but didn’t. Stop reviewing your regrets regularly. Re-running the past takes your mind off today. Live in the present, and reduce stress too!