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5 Ways to Boost your Productivity

It is next to impossible for anyone to be 100% productive or motivated at all times. Most people need to find ways to prioritize their daily tasks. Though productivity looks different for every person, it is important to learn ways to adapt to your own work style that influences your motivation. One useful tool to help yourself might be to ask yourself questions like, What motivates me? When am I excited to work on something? Self-reflection and self-awareness are key components of creating a productive work environment for yourself, but you can also try these five ways to boost your productivity and help you stay motivated:

  • Make checklists. Organizing your work into lists is a great way to start managing your time and goals. “Checklists are extremely helpful, and you really start to feel good about completing a task and marking it out,” says Julie Bailey, Clinical Manager for Centerstone. Try avoiding overwhelming yourself by being too organized or by being too rigid with your lists.
  • Balance responsibilities. Managing time is already challenging enough, so you should also try to manage your tasks by prioritizing urgent items versus optional items. “Always remember to be kind to yourself, not completing the checklists the way that you anticipate can really short circuit your motivation. Even if a task wasn’t on your checklist, add it to the list of things you DID get done and check them off!” says Jenna Farmer-Brackett, Clinical Manager for Centerstone. In order to avoid losing stamina, schedule yourself breaks throughout the day.
  • Do challenging work first. People tend to procrastinate when there is more challenging work to complete. Do the challenging or even less exciting items first to get them done. Learn tools of self-discipline to get tasks done without avoiding them.
  • Limit yourself. There is not enough time in a day to complete all of the tasks you might anticipate getting done, and it is important to separate the work load. “Try completing the task, delegating the task, scheduling it or even deleting it to avoid overworking yourself,” says Bailey.
  • Try new things. “Think outside the box and try to find ways to help you get through lower productivity time,” says Farmer-Brackett. Try to pay attention to the times of day that you feel the most engaged, and plan around your most active brain time. Use different methods like music, streaming a podcast or opening a window to change up the routine and recharge your brain!

Finding the time and tools to create an environment that is specifically suited for you is the first step to boosting your motivation. Try to use your list when you can to make sure you are on task at the right times, and remember to give your brain a rest every once in a while.

If you or someone you know is experiencing mental health challenges, Centerstone can help. Give us a call at 1-877-HOPE123 (877-467-3123) to learn more.

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