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Seven Lessons to Learn from Children

If life today were as effortless for adults as it is for some children, I am sure we would have better health, less stress and improved relationships. Think about it: adults don’t get regular afternoon naps, rarely eat cookies without feeling guilty and get no spring break from work and responsibilities.

Children can teach adults valuable lessons about living more enjoyable lives. Try these tips today!

Laugh more
Laughter is nature’s stress-buster. It makes us feel good! It releases a combination of hormones and chemicals that have positive effects on our system. Laughter reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, lifts depression, boosts our immune systems and more. Laughter and smiles are enjoyed best when shared with others. Spending time with children is one way to increase our playfulness and enjoy our lives.

Live in the moment
Have you ever noticed how kids don’t get stressed about their future? They don’t worry about what is yet to come. They live in the moment. They enjoy life today and soak in all that it has to offer. Children aren’t consumed by the past, unlike many adults. Adults carry guilt, sorrow and stressors from yesterday and yesteryear into our present lives. This robs us of the gifts within the present.

Have fun friends
Remember your best buddies from your school days? You would wake up with anticipation of seeing them and being with them. Adults must also have core friendships that encourage, support and contribute to a healthy and fun life. Seek fun friendships that will add enjoyment to your life.

Go with the flow
Many adults need to take a huge chill pill. We need to tone down our super-serious minds and learn the calming benefits of simply going with the flow. Everything doesn’t have to be planned in minute-by-minute detail. There are many surprises to be discovered when we open ourselves up to them by being flexible and less serious. Go with the flow and enjoy the breather!

See the good in people
Children are not critics of others, but rather tend to see the good in people. Sadly many adults have pessimistic views of others and have a keen eye for the faults in others. Try to assume the good in people, and don’t become distracted by the people and things you can’t control. Share with others the good you see!

Bounce back after setbacks
Children are amazingly resilient! They only stay distraught from mistakes temporarily, whereas some adults remain down and defeated long after a disappointment. It’s important to learn lessons during tough times, but remember to bounce back and keep your eyes on the positive possibilities tomorrow may bring.

Write your own story
The choices you make today will write your story. If you were to paint a picture of your ideal life, who and what would be in it? You can start moving that way simply by making decisions about what story you want your life to tell. Paint it with brilliant colors and learn some lessons from children along the way.

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