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Centerstone produces video to highlight ObservSMART patient-monitoring system

Centerstone has produced a new video all about ObservSMART, a proximity-based monitoring system that has been added to its patient care process. The technology promises reliable compliance and reduces risk, errors and costs related to sentinel and non-sentinel events.

“This technology is vastly enhancing the way we observe and monitor patients in our care,” Melissa Larkin-Skinner, Centerstone’s regional chief executive officer, said recently. “Our staff is able to manage more efficiently the required round-the-clock 15-minute checks that are standard care for behavioral health patients.  In turn, supervisory staff can validate that patients are being observed and clinicians can provide real-time feedback and care instructions.”

ObservSMART was designed by and for behavioral health staff. Staff use mini iPads synched with tamper-resistant wristbands to do patient checks, which cannot be done unless the staff member is within the prescribed distance of the patient. The system ensures 1-to-1 observation adherence and provides real-time alerts, including patient risk and acuity flags, to supervisory staff should there be a safety concern or missed observation.

To view the video, please click here.

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