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Tim Sewell Retires After 26 Years With Centerstone

After 26 years with Centerstone and filling a number of varied positions in his professional mental and behavioral health career, Tim Sewell, Clinical Services Manager in Child, Youth and Family Services, has retired. His last day was Friday, Dec. 31.

Gino DeSalvatore says, “Tim has been a valuable asset to world of therapeutic foster care and kids residential treatment. What many folks don’t know is the path Tim has taken to get to the position he currently holds. Starting out a BAAP driver with Dede Wallace 26 years ago, Tim worked his way up the ladder to his current position of Clinical Services Manager for therapeutic foster care and residential treatment.

“From BAAP driver to case manager to therapist and then to clinical services manager, Tim put in long hours, counseled countless number of children and youth and provided supervision to a number of individuals to ensure that all kids and families received the highest, most current level of care they possibly could. Tim’s insight, compassion to the lives of those who crossed his path and his amazing skills in training staff will surely be missed. Tim is a great friend, a champion for those who had it tough in life and a wonderful resource to foster care and residential treatment. He will surely be missed.”

Good luck and thank you for all you have done for Centerstone.

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