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Centerstone offers advice and education on a variety of current health-related topics and trends. We have articles – most written by our experts in their fields – to help our readers stay informed on new and ongoing mental health issues.

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  • what to do if a loved one is experiencing suicidal thoughts

Suicide prevention

Suicide Prevention

Survivors of suicide loss: Tools that can help

The Saturday before Thanksgiving is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day. At Centerstone, we recognize this day as an important opportunity to spread messages of hope and healing to survivors of suicide loss, to discuss the significant impact of suicide, and to dispel some of the myths surrounding this all-too-common tragedy. “A recent research-based estimate ...

Suicide Prevention

Crisis Care Crucial to Suicide Prevention

“If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be here.”   The suicide rate in the United States has increased by 35% since 1999 and is now the 10th leading cause of death nationally. In fact, the rate has tripled among girls 10 to 14 years old. It’s even up by 43 percent among men 45 ...

Suicide Prevention

How to cope with the loss of a loved one from suicide

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the United States and the rate at which it occurs has been rising since 1999.  Currently, it is estimated that one person dies from suicide every 11 minutes.  So, how does this affect loved ones who are left behind? Losing a loved one to suicide ...

Suicide Prevention

They are better off with you: Breaking down false beliefs about suicide

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States. According to the CDC, the suicide rate increased by 35% between 1999 and 2018. The rate at which suicide has increased indicates how serious of a public health crisis it is and how we must all do our part to help prevent it. ...

Suicide Prevention

What to Know about Young Adult Suicide

The young adult years often represent the prime of life — a time filled with fun and new experiences. But they can also be marked by challenges or stress in school, with friends and at home. Tragically, many young people are taking drastic action in response to what are likely short-term struggles. Suicide is now ...

Suicide Prevention

When To Seek Counseling?

Have you ever felt like life was just too hard? Worried that you can’t take the pressure, stress, and anxiety anymore?  Sometimes the stressors of life – whether situational or ongoing and dire –can be significant prompters to seek professional counseling. Having dreams, a vision and motivation for your life is an excellent pursuit. Yet, ...

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention Takes a Village

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, a good time to become better informed and empowered to combat the tenth leading—and still rising—cause of death in the United States. In June, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that suicide rates climbed in almost every state from 1999 to 2016, with increases above 30 ...

Suicide Prevention

If You Know Someone at Risk for Suicide

Suicide is the 10th-leading cause of death in the U.S. for all ages. Every day, approximately 132 Americans die by suicide. That’s one death every 11 minutes. Suicide accounted for more than 47,000 lives lost in 2017 and more than 48,000 in 2018. The numbers are rising in nearly every state across the U.S., according ...

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